Art and the Mearns. Time for the pause button?

Today I found this quote on the Lewis Grassic Gibbon centre website in regard to the forthcoming annual exhibition in July.  As my roots hail firmly from that soil, I have a particular love of the writer’s prose and wished to share.

‘During the years since his premature death the writing of Lewis Grassic Gibbon has been an inspiration to many people. Jack Webster wrote in the Herald in 1995 “…Lewis Grassic Gibbon, great literary light of the twentieth century, who so changed my life in the course of a day that I have remained for ever in his debt…the day I read his remarkable Sunset Song, suddenly opened my eyes to the deeper beauty of that life which surrounded me; opened my ears to the land which now seemed to have a voice of its own”.’

Well put! What a craft it is to handle words like that.  As a visual artist I won’t be alone in striving to project something along those lines… But what a task!  And perhaps in today’s 24/7 world it’s all too easy to keep those eyes firmly shut.  Guilty as charged!

Good night!

Print below (October Rose) is my entry to the exhibition.


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