New Work

The ever shifting moods of the Scottish climate presents an intense experience and painterly challenge as slate grey skies become saturated and clear to the perfect blue and every hue in between. Clare uses lively brushstrokes and rich colour in an attempt to capture something of this essence. Flowers and grasses commonly work their way into the foreground.

If you are interested in buying any of these paintings, please email me.

6 thoughts on “New Work

  1. Hello,

    I saw your artwork on twitter and was immediately drawn to your style. Are you able to send a price list of work for sale?

    Kind Regards,


  2. Hello,

    Love your art work would you be able to tell me what you currently have for sale and prices please.

    Kind regards
    Karen Legge

  3. Hello. I’m interested in your artwork – do you have anything that would be a view that can be seen from the Nc500 route (or thereabouts)


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